Biscotti & Cappuccino at Stella's

Dottore Pesta  34 x 34 

Musical Muse  16 x 20

Oil Painting Artist

​Original Joe's 601 union St.  SF


San Francisco - North Beach  - Cityscapes

Caught 30 x40

Stella Pastry,  446 Columbus Ave,  SF

Street Performers 

Bobo's 1450 Lombard St. San Francisco

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse at Stella's

Madam La Rouge 30x40

Tony's Pizza 1570 Stockton St,  Sf

Rebecca  16 x20


Self Proclaimed Queen of Barbados 34 x40

Tragedy   16 x20

Geisha 30 x 40

Peacock Mask  14 x 22

Invitation from Bacchus  30x 38

Athena 16x20 

​Gino & Carlo's 548 Green St San Francisco

Self Proclaimed King of Barbados 34 x40

​San Francisco Cable Car   

Comedy  16 x 20

Missions Dolores -3321 Dolores St San Francisco

Arlecchina 10 x16

Arlecchino  10 x 16

​San Diego Padres Baseball

Colombina 14x 22

​Biscotti at Stella's

 Mission Dolores Basilica,  3321 16th St, SF

Arizona Diamond Backs Baseball

Z Cioccolato  474 Columbus Ave SF

Red Hot Cool  Rhythm 30 x40

Chocolate Cannoli at Stella's

LA Dodgers Baseball

Defiance  30x48

SF Giants Basball

" Me & Joe" Joe Di Maggio Playground SF

Mr. Smiley  38 x32 -Jerry Mc Lilly at Union Square San Francisco

​Historic Matteucci Clock 450 Columbus Ave. San Francisco

Fine Art Oil Paintings

Joker 16 x 20

Refections of Venice  16 x 18

Lady inWaiting  30 x 60 ​cropped

Goorin's Hat Shop  1612 Stockton St  SF

Colorado Rockies  Baseball

​Strawberry Shortcake at Stella's


Some works are available as Giclees. These works only represent some of the works sold, Contact Artist for more information